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Brightvalley Tono Go Queen Bless JP (Imp JPN)

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Registered Name: Brightvalley Tono Go Queen Bless JP (Imp JPN)
Kennel: Queen Bless
Call Name: Ohchan
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 7 SEP 2014
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: Japan
Country of Standing: Australia
Colour: Red
DNA color results: Carries BnT
Health HD:
Health patella:
Health eyes: Unknown
Registration: JS-01396/15
Titles: Aust Ch
Nippo registered: No

Brightvalley Tono Go Queen Bless JP (Imp JPN)

Taketoramaru Go Hokusei Tsuch Motosou (Jpn)
Heisei Tamazakura Go Hokusei Tschu Motosou (Jpn)

Suzutora Go Bizen Kotobukisou

鈴寅号 備前寿荘
Ichikahime Go Ooshita (JPN)
Toyootome Go Fudougataki Kensha (Jpn)

Hounen Go Fudougataki Kensha

豊稔号 不動ヶ滝犬舎
Suzukomachi Go Hokusei Tsuch Motosou (Jpn)
Brightvalley Hime Go Queen Bless JP
Shinryuu Go Kagiyasou (Jpn)
Matsuryuu Go Maihamasou (Jpn)
Daishinhime Go Kagiyasou (Jpn)
Suzuhana No Tsubakihime Go Kagiyasou (Jpn)

Tetsuzakuramaru Go Kagiyasou

Suzuhana Go Yokohama Sakakisou

鈴華号 横浜榊荘