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Morningstar Volt's Night Fever-BG

picture of dog

Registered Name: Morningstar Volt's Night Fever-BG
Call Name: Dusty
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 25 MAR 2017
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Standing: USA
Size: 39.37 cm (15.5 inch)
Weight: 8.85 kg (19.51 pound)
Colour: Red
Health HD: HD B / Good
Health patella: Grade 0
Health eyes: Clear
Year of eye test: 2018
Known Offspring:
Registration: NP461392/01
Titles: GCH
Nippo registered: No
Half-siblings (sire's side):
Half-siblings (dam's side):

Morningstar Volt's Night Fever-BG

Morningstar Tra'volta

Morningstar Ilio Iori Chousei Sou

伊織号 朝星荘

Kurokoma Go Fuji Hachimansou

黒駒号 富士八幡荘

Puna Hauoli Shiba

珊瑚号 ハウオリ柴

Morningstar Ballerina Dance For Meg

Coppperdots Morningstar Kazo

Megumi Ginseisou


Morningstar The Pink Kat

Morningstar Katsumi Chousei Sou

Kotarou Go Seishirousou

小太郎号 清四郎荘

Morningstar Mikan's Little Geisha Girl

Morningstar Yayoi Go Chousei Sou

Copperdots Morningstar Royce

Kiriko Go Maroon Shiba