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Shouteruhime Go Taigensou

picture of dog

Registered Name: Shouteruhime Go Taigensou
Breeder: Tien-Pao Wang
Kennel: Taigensou (Taiyuan Zhuang)
Call Name: Teru
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 23 AUG 2018
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: Taiwan
Country of Standing: Malaysia
Colour: Red
Health HD:
Health patella:
Health eyes: Unknown
Known Offspring:
Titles: Malaysia JCH
Nippo registered: Yes
Half-siblings (sire's side):

Shouteruhime Go Taigensou

Shouei Go Tosa Genrokusou

翔栄号 土佐元祿荘

Hamaryuu Go Tosa Genrokusou


Fukutenriki Go Bingo Kashimasou

福天力号 備後神島荘
Kuroichihime Go Tosa Keikenan
黒市姫号 土佐慶犬庵

Terume (Shoume) Go Tosa Keikenan

照女号 土佐慶犬庵

Tenshouriki Go Fudougataki Kensha

天照力号 不動ヶ滝犬舎
Shiratamahime Go Fudougataki Kensha
白玉姫号 不動ヶ滝犬舎

Matsufujime Go Okayama Koutokusou

松藤女号 岡山高徳荘

Takara Toyokuni Go Fudougataki Kensha

宝豊国号 不動ヶ滝犬舎
Tenjinou Go Fudougataki Kensha
天神王号 不動ヶ滝犬舎
Sachiko Go Oono Gionsou
佐知子号 大野ギオン荘

Kuromatsuhime Go Bingo Kashimasou

黒松姬号 備後神島荘

Aoi No Matsuryuu Go Bingo Kashimasou

葵の松竜号 備後神島荘
Kuroichihime Go Tosa Keikenan
黒市姫号 土佐慶犬庵